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Has your pool pump gone bad? How do you know if it has and why did it go bad? There could be many reasons for a bad pool pump, which results in needing pool pump repair or possibly pool pump replacement.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Your Pool Pump May Fail And Need Repair

Pool Pump Electrical Supply Issue – One of the reasons for pump failure may be that your are experiencing voltage drop, which is common if you have long run electrical to your pump. If the pool pump is failing sooner than the manufacturer says it should, one of the issues to check is voltage drop. Call us today and we can test this for you.

Overheating – This is a common problem if your pool equipment is housed in an enclosed area. Pool equipment is meant to be stored outside on a concrete pad. A lack of airflow could cause the motor to overheat. Heat is a common culprit for a failing pump and motor. There are ways to resolve this and we can help! Call us today if your pump is failing.

Pool Plumbing Leak – Your pump is pulling water from the pool to pass it through your system and eventually return it to the pool.

However, if there is a leak in your pool plumbing, there may be air in the system. The pump will pass the air back to the pool. However, if it is continually having to work hard because of air in the system, it could fail faster than normal. Call us for your pool pump repair and replacement needs!

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Pump Defects – It’s true. Pumps today aren’t made like they use to be. We have seen old bronze pumps that are 20+ years old still humming along. However, I doubt that will be the case in 20 more years. Pumps are made to fail and be replaced unfortunately. That’s why it’s important to have a pool repair company take care of your pool pump repairs and pool pump replacement. If your pump goes bad not long after we install it, we can have the manufacturer replace it. Don’t take a chance on your pool pump. Call the #1 pool pump repair company in Lakeland, FL and we will come diagnose the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should A Pool Pump Last?

Most manufacturers will tell you that your pump should last for 5 years or 60 months. That estimate really depends on a lot of factors, including how long your run your pump everyday.

How Do I Know If I Need A Pool Pump Replacement?

Well first of all, how old is it? If it’s older than five years and you are experiencing other issues, it may be time. Some of the other symptoms may be grinding or screeching sounds, poor flow such as bubbles or spitting water.

What Does My Pool Pump Do?

Your pool pump circulates the water throughout your pool system, including sucking water through your skimmer and main drain, pulling it through your filter and heater, and then returning the water back to the pool through the return lines.

My Pool Pump Won’t Prime. What Do I Do?

First, you need to check to make sure your pump basket lid is sealed and on tight so that air is not being released. Second, you can help it regain prime by putting a garden hose through the skimmer and pushing water towards the pump.

How Long Should I Run My Pump?

Pump run time varies by season. Your pool needs less circulation during the winter than it does during the summer. During the summer, your pool should ideally be circulating water during the day time and for at least 8 hours. During the winter, your pool pump should be ok to run 4-5 hours.

The Pressure Gauge Is Reading Lower Than Normal. What Is Wrong?

A common cause for the pressure gauge reading lower than normal may be that the pump impeller is clogged or damaged. If the pump impeller is clogged or damaged, you will need a professional to unclog it or possibly repair it.

Water Is Not Flowing Through My Pump Basket.

There could be several reasons for this. If water is not flowing through your basket and you cannot find or resolve the issue quickly, you need to turn the system off and call us immediately. Continuing to run your system will result in a loss of prime and more importantly could burn up your pool motor, resulting in needing a pool motor replacement.

Pool Pump Repair & Pool Pump Replacement Service Lakeland

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Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland a pleasure to work with. They replaced our pool liner and did an amazing job. They explained everything thoroughly and was great at following up with us. We are blessed to have found them and highly recommend Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland!

 - Joe

A good all around pool professional is a hard thing to come by these days. Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland has been my pool guys since I've owned my home. I have had them do a number of different jobs, they have always been professional and very courteous in working with both myself and my wife!

 - Martin

Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland did a great job of resurfacing the concrete pool deck. My wife and I were truly amazed at how good it looks (like brand new). All cracks were sealed. They were so easy to work with start to finish. Highly Recommended!!

 - Luke

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