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It’s very common for water to leak into pool light fixtures, causing the entire fixture to need to be replaced.

You will very rarely find a company that can offer a guarantee on a pool light bulb replacement. Usually, Pool light repair companies prefer to replace the entire pool light repair because the likelihood of a fixture leaking after replacing the bulb is very high.

Pool Light Replacement

Installing lights is always easier during the planning and construction phase of building a pool. However, if you already have a swimming pool and want to upgrade with lighting options or your need a pool light replacement, it’s still possible.

If your pool already has lights, but you want to replace them with more energy efficient LED’s or color changing bulbs, then our expert pool light repair crew can help you find the right model for your needs and budget. It’s best to purchase lights that will last longer to extend the amount of time between repairs and replacements.

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Most companies won’t deal with pool light repair. It’s best to work with a company like ours who focuses on pool repairs and can replace pool light repair or repair pool lights. When it comes to pool lights, you’re also dealing with electrical work in close contact with moisture. Incorrect installation could result in electrocution, electrical fires and other dangerous mishaps. When you invest in the services of a pool light replacement company, you’ll have peace of mind and know that your lights are going to be safe and perform well. Whether you need pool light repair, installation or replacement, the team at Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland has what it takes to get the job done in Lakeland and surrounding areas.

Pool Light Replacement and Repair Service Area

Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland serves the following areas for customers needing pool light repair and replacement service.


Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland a pleasure to work with. They replaced our pool liner and did an amazing job. They explained everything thoroughly and was great at following up with us. We are blessed to have found them and highly recommend Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland!

 - Joe

A good all around pool professional is a hard thing to come by these days. Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland has been my pool guys since I've owned my home. I have had them do a number of different jobs, they have always been professional and very courteous in working with both myself and my wife!

 - Martin

Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland did a great job of resurfacing the concrete pool deck. My wife and I were truly amazed at how good it looks (like brand new). All cracks were sealed. They were so easy to work with start to finish. Highly Recommended!!

 - Luke

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