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If you’ve been looking for a pool heater repair man near me, then look no further! Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland is an affordable, efficient pool heater repair company and we promise to take care of you!

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Pool heaters are one of the most intricate and complicated parts of your pool equipment system and can be difficult to diagnose and repair. Whatever you do, don’t let an inexperienced pool heater repairman work on your heater. You will likely spend more money or even end up with a pool heater replacement when a simple pool heater repair was in order. We are your pool heater repair professional and you won’t need to call anyone else to get the job done right…the first time!

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Pool Heater Repair FAQ

How frequently do pool heaters need to be replaced?

We’ve seen some pretty old pool heaters that have just sat for years without use, while some are still functioning. On average, a gas pool heater should last 6-7 years. Some pool heaters may last more than 10 years.

Why do pool heaters fail?

Sometimes, a pool heater may not function properly because of low water flow that’s caused from dirty filters or broken valves. Pool heater problems often happen when a pilot light won’t fire, the heater won’t ignite, or the heater is rusted out.

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What are the most common pool heater problems?

There are several common reasons a pool heater stops working. The first is a clogged or broken filter which leads to low water pressure leaving the heater. The second most common problem is a faulty gas valve, which results in no gas supply feeding the heater. Make sure you have turned the valve on before igniting the heater. A third common reason for pool heaters not to work properly is a closed filter valve. Fourth, pool heaters can fail due to faulty electrical components.

What To Do If I You Need Pool Heater Installation

We don’t advise pool owners to troubleshoot or perform their own pool heater repair and especially pool heater installation. These are complicated pieces of equipment involving gas, water, and electric components and require a professional to diagnose and solve.

All heater problems should be taken seriously and addressed before greater problems result. You can trust Sidekick Pool Repair company because of our years of experience and working with various heater brands and models including Pentair, Jandy, Raypak, and Hayward.

Types of Pool Heater Replacements

Electric Pool Heat Pump Installation & Repair – With an electric heat pump installation, you have the ability to heat your pool year round and allow your family to enjoy your pool even if it’s cold outside. Pool heat pumps work much the same way your home’s central heating works, which allows you to enjoy the temperature you prefer.

AquaCal is a popular pool and spa heat pump that you can count on to last a long time. They are the leading manufacturer of heat pumps and are environmentally friendly because of the use of electricity for heat transfer.

Some of the common reasons our customers choose a heat pump over a gas heater are because: they use electricity, don’t require gas, more affordable option compared to a gas heater, and are environmentally friendly.

Some of the models we can install include AquaCal SuperQuiet and AquaCal Tropical. Call us today if you have questions about an electric heat pump repair or electric heat pump installation.

Gas Pool Heater Installation & Repair – Gas heaters have been the industry standard for over 60 years. There are a wide variety of pool heater options. New gas heaters have become very efficient and provide homeowners great savings over pool heaters of even five years ago. Gas heater installation is the ideal option for a homeowner wanting to heat their pool sporadically and only occasionally. The primary advantage of a gas heater over other types is that they heat quicker than other options. A gas heater operates on either propane or natural gas and they are very energy efficient, up to 85-90% efficiency.

We offer the following gas pool heater replacement options:

  • Jandy JXI260 and JXI400 Series Gas Heaters
  • Pentair MasterTemp 125K, 250K, and 400K Propane Gas Heaters
  • Hayward Pool and Spa Gas Heaters

Pool Heater Repair & Pool Heater Installation Service Lakeland

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Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland a pleasure to work with. They replaced our pool liner and did an amazing job. They explained everything thoroughly and was great at following up with us. We are blessed to have found them and highly recommend Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland!

 - Joe

A good all around pool professional is a hard thing to come by these days. Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland has been my pool guys since I've owned my home. I have had them do a number of different jobs, they have always been professional and very courteous in working with both myself and my wife!

 - Martin

Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland did a great job of resurfacing the concrete pool deck. My wife and I were truly amazed at how good it looks (like brand new). All cracks were sealed. They were so easy to work with start to finish. Highly Recommended!!

 - Luke

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