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The pool filter is the heart of the pool equipment system. It ensures water remains free of contaminants, dirt, and algae. If the pool filter is not working properly, you’ll be able to tell because the water will be cloudy and the potential for algae is present. If that’s the case, you may be in need of a pool filter repair and in some cases, you may need a pool filter replacement.

There are three common clues to know if your pool filter repair or replacement;

1. Poor water quality – If the water is murky, cloudy, or there’s dirt or sediment on the bottom of the pool, it could be an indicator that something is wrong with your filter. It very well could be that your filter needs to be cleaned. We recommend cleaning your filter at least twice a year, preferably once a quarter.

2. High water pressure – The gauge on top of your pool filter can be an indication that something is wrong with your filter if the PSI is too high. When the pressure reading is too high, it’s an indication that the filter is being strained, either because of a blockage or maybe because of age. If your pressure gauge is consistently reading 25 PSI or higher, give us a call immediately. The higher the PSI reading, the more dangerous the situation. We have replaced hundreds of pool filters repair over the years and offer all of our customers a detailed diagnosis and if necessary, expert pool filter repair or pool filter replacement.

3. Excessive backwashing – When a pool filter gets older, it will begin to disintegrate which creates a need for additional backwashing to keep your pool water clean. Sometimes, you may see sand or diatomaceous earth on the bottom of the pool. If so, it’s an indication that your filter or the grids are not doing their job. Call us for a filter cleaning.

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Some Of The Most Common Pool Filter Repairs We See Are:

  • Push-pull slide valve assembly repair
  • Backwash valve repair
  • Multiport valve repair
  • Diverter pool valve replacement
  • Check valve replacement
  • Filter tank band and O Ring replacement
  • Sand filter top mount control valve replacement
  • Pool filter air relief assembly replacement
  • Pool filter pressure gauge replacement

If you are in need of filter repair for any of the above parts,
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    There are three basic types of filters in the market today.

    DE Pool Filter Repair And Replacement

    DE Pool Filter Repair and Replacement are typically the most common and the most effective way to clean your swimming pool. The primary parts of a DE filter are the DE tank, grids, the Diatomaceous Earth that binds to the grids, and the pressure gauge. The pool filter uses DE to bind to the grids inside the tank, which provides the filtering action and allows the filter to remove small particles. Some of the most common pool filter repairs for DE filters are the backwash valve, tank bands, and the pressure gauge or air relief assembly.

    Sand Pool Filter Repair And Replacement

    Sand pool filters utilize sand as a filtering mechanism to keep particles and dirt out of the pool. Rather than cleaning grids or cartridges, the sand in a sand pool filter should be changed out every 3-5 years. If you’re having to backwash more frequently or the water is not flowing well through the sand, it may be time for a sand filter replacement. Rather than cleaning grids, sand filters are backwashed to waste to remove algae and other particles. If you are having issues, give us a call and we’d be happy to give you an estimate on a sand pool filter repair and replacement or a sand filter change.

    Cartridge Pool Filter Repair And Replacement

    Cartridge pool filters repair allow water to pass through cartridges that don’t require sand or DE before being passed back to the pool. Pool cartridge filters are made so that they can remove dirt and debris particles down to 10 micron in size, which is about the size of pollen. Unlike sand or DE filters, cartridge filters don’t allow backwashing capabilities. In order to clean a cartridge filter, it must be disassembled and manually cleaned. If your pressure gauge is reading 8-10 PSI higher than the original starting pressure, it’s an indication it’s time for a pool filter cleaning. Also, if the cartridge is showing signs of the bands being broken, the pleats being worn or flat, the endcaps being discolored or cracked or the psi reads nearly the same after a cartridge cleaning, then you need to call us for a filter repair or even a filter replacement.

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