Pool Filter Cleanings

We proudly offer pool filter cleanings and replacement in Lakeland and surrounding areas. If you’re in need of a pool filter cleaning, call us today and let the pros take care of the dirty work for you. We’re here to give you more time with the ones you love and less time worrying about your pool.

Why You Need Pool Filter Cleanings Service

Let’s face it, dirt, dust, and pollen are just a normal part of life where we live, especially in Lakeland. I’m sure you’ve experienced the dust, dirt, and especially the pollen when cleaning inside your home or your car. It’s almost impossible to experience a spring with the yellow dusting on your patio furniture, cars, and yes in your pool. That same dust, dirt, and pollen also gets in your pool and affects the ability of the pool to stay clean. In addition, when it’s hot outside, algae has the potential to develop if pool chemicals aren’t exactly balanced. On top of that, freshly cut grass along with debris from plants and trees in your yard makes our pool filter cleanings in Lakeland work harder than other areas of the country. For these reasons, we strongly recommend you have your pool filter cleanings done every 3-6 months. A clean pool filter will help your entire pool equipment system work most efficiently and keep your pool filter cleanings operating at it’s best.

At minimum, your pool filters should be cleaned every 6 months. If you are using your pool more frequently and/or your pool experiences excessive debris, you should have a pool filter cleanings done more frequently. If you have dogs that swim in the pool, your pool filters may need to be cleaned every month.

At Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland, we help your pool stay in it’s best possible shape when you call us to clean your filters. Cleaning filters improperly can cause serious damage to both an individual as well as pool equipment (we’ve heard of people losing limbs as a result of pool pressure). Don’t take a chance on not getting a proper pool filter cleaning. Call us today!

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Types of Pool Filter Cleanings We Offer

D.E. Filter Cleaning – We clean DE filters. We take your grids apart, inspect them, and get them clean. Additionally, we make sure the tank is cleaned, the tank band (or O Ring) fits properly, and the pressure gauge is working the way it’s supposed to. Call us for a DE Pool Filter Cleanings today!

Cartridge Filter Cleaning – We service cartridge filters at affordable pricing. We remove the cartridge(s), clean them in an area away from your pool, and replace them properly. Every Cartridge Filter Cleaning includes an inspection of your cartridge to ensure it is working properly.

Sand Filter Cleaning – Do you need a sand filter change or a sand filter replacement? We offer sand filter changes and sand filter installation at an affordable price.

Pool Filter Cleanings Or Replacement

Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland serves the following areas for customers needing pool filter cleanings repair and replacement.


Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland a pleasure to work with. They replaced our pool liner and did an amazing job. They explained everything thoroughly and was great at following up with us. We are blessed to have found them and highly recommend Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland!

 - Joe

A good all around pool professional is a hard thing to come by these days. Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland has been my pool guys since I've owned my home. I have had them do a number of different jobs, they have always been professional and very courteous in working with both myself and my wife!

 - Martin

Sidekick Pool Repair Lakeland did a great job of resurfacing the concrete pool deck. My wife and I were truly amazed at how good it looks (like brand new). All cracks were sealed. They were so easy to work with start to finish. Highly Recommended!!

 - Luke

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